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Optimal user experience, maximum productivity. Because Apple should work the way it is intended to. We are your Apple Solutionists.

Root3's approach

Convenience, fun and performance with Apple. That's what drives us.

At Root3, the love for Apple is in our genes. We are an expert team of certified Apple professionals with a continuous drive to bring you the ultimate Apple experience. Work, where and when you want, on a secure platform, with all the freedom you need. That's what we offer you.

With our Apple Managed Services, we provide you with everything

Of course, we'll help you set up and deploy Apple products in the best possible way. And if you like, we also provide the necessary training. But to really offer you that ultimate Apple experience, we take over complete management of the workplace or your entire environment. We call that total solution Apple Managed Services. We proactively ensure that the IT environment is excellent and secure. And we have everything in house to fully support and unburden you. In doing so, we offer you continuous added value in the long term as well.

New employee

When an employee is hired, you want to give them the best experience. IT is an important part of this.

Receiving hardware

The employee receives the hardware new in the box and unpacks it himself. This contributes to the experience and will ensure that the employee will take more care of the device.

Zero Touch Deployment

The employee can set up and use the Apple device without IT intervention. Within minutes, the necessary software is automatically installed so that the person can get started quickly.

To work

The employee can get started quickly and has direct access to the systems. No hassle (losing time) with creating passwords and accounts, this is all already taken care of.


If the user has any questions during or after the installation, Root3 Support is available by phone, email or website for support.

Maintenance and improvements

We ensure that the latest changes and innovations are applied to stay up-to-date so that continuity and security are guaranteed.

Refresh/Clean up hardware

When the device is returned, it is safely erased at the push of a button. This is then ready for the new employee or can be safely disposed of.

Maximum commitment, optimal service

We prefer to work as a team. Our Consultants, Systems Engineers and Support Engineers will therefore work closely with you. Because we believe that this is the only way we can arrive at the best solutions. Our experts keep each other informed every step of the way. And our Consultant provides you constant feedback. This is how we offer you optimal service.

Of course, we too run into challenges from time to time. But we'll notify you of that right away. And we'll provide you with a solution as soon as possible. That commitment and honest, sincere attitude earns us much appreciation from our customers. As a result, Root3 has been one of the top Apple Consultants Network (ACN) companies for years. And we are also top specialists in the business market and an important partner for Apple.

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We continuously innovate and also develop our own solutions

To stay at the top, we continuously innovate. We always have our eyes and ears open. And the experiences and questions of customers keep us sharp and we use them to improve our services even further. Even if it doesn't benefit us. Our account manager personally collects those experiences. Because for us, that service is paramount in the long run. Proprietary solutions? We are developing those as well. Our macOS Support App is an example of this. This further removes the barrier between the end user and IT. And we ensure that the convenience, pleasure and performance increase even further.

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We are top specialists in the business market

Apple Focussed
Apple Focussed
Maximum Certified
Maximum Certified
Top rated Apple Consultant Network
Top rated Apple Consultant Network
200+ Customers
200+ Customers
30.000+ Apple devices under management
30.000+ Apple devices under management
ISO 9001 Certified
ISO 9001 Certified
ISO/IEC 27001 Certified
ISO/IEC 27001 Certified
98% Customer satisfaction
98% Customer satisfaction

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Martin van Diemen

This is what we offer you

Optimal use of your Apple products. Continuing to get the most out of your Apple platform. Maximum support. With our solutions, we really make a difference.

What we do

A dynamic team with a love for Apple.

And how could it be otherwise. After all, we are a close-knit and agile team. We seek each other out, switch quickly and therefore get a lot done in a short time. We call ourselves proactive preventive: we prefer to have things sorted out yesterday.

Those beautiful results we achieve? We celebrate that too. We make time to eat some cake, have a drink or we go out together. Oh and one more thing! We like to start the week together. We find it useful but also fun, you too?

What our customers say

  • Root3 implements the solution you are looking for without any worries. They give you as a customer the feeling that nothing is a must, but everything is allowed.
  • Root3 implements the solution you are looking for without any worries. They give you as a customer the feeling that nothing is a must, but everything is allowed.
  • Root3 is a young company with a fresh no-nonsense approach. They have thorough knowledge of and experience with the Apple platform and products.
    De Waerden