Your challenge,

our solutions

Sectors, industries, fields of work. We don't do those. We look at your personal needs, desires and challenges. Whatever business you are in.

No boxes or branches

We offer added value for every type of organization

Whether you have ten or a thousand workstations, you are equally valuable to us. So we prefer to focus on what we can help you with.

So we prefer to look at your type of organisation, the needs you have and your starting point. And, of course, to the role of significance we can have for your organisation. We add value to our partners' solutions and can take the burden off your shoulders completely.

For when you want to capitalise on that new job market

You want to offer your employees, but certainly also your potential employees, a nice workplace. Choose your own device is becoming more and more important. Because increasingly, it's also about those fringe benefits. Employees are becoming increasingly demanding. That employee journey is our customer journey. We take everything off your hands by offering an optimally functioning and secure platform that allows your (potential) employees to get the best out of themselves. With our resources, we capitalise on the job satisfaction of your employees. This way you retain existing employees and attract new ones more easily.

For when you want complete peace of mind

You want that focus on your core business. Knowledge and time for IT is not there. We understand. That's why we focus on our core business. We take over your entire platform, make sure it works optimally, is maximally secure and perform all necessary updates. We focus on innovation so that your employees can always use the latest features. We also continuously monitor your environment and implement improvements to ensure your employees are getting the most out of the platform and their devices. Maximum productivity and maximum user satisfaction without having to worry about a thing.

For when you want to get more out of your platform

Do you work with a fixed service provider for your entire IT? But do you feel like you're not getting the most out of it? Or are employees running into problems that seem impossible to solve and make you consider parting ways with Apple? This is how you detract from the user experience of your employees. At Root3, we don't add Apple, we focus exclusively on Apple. As a result, we have all the knowledge, skills and expertise to meet any challenge and take your platform to the next level. Want to use Apple for business, but not sure where to start? Even then we are here for you and will ensure an optimal start with the platform.

For that extra bit of security

Do you have knowledge and experience with Apple products, but want to stay on top of the latest developments and have a support department as a safety net? At Root3, we offer that as well. We are there for you when needed. At any time. We always provide clear and complete feedback to you. New developments that may be important to you? We share those before they become relevant. So with our services, you always have a safety net.