Health Check

Do you have the knowledge, expertise and capacity to manage your environment, but would you like to be kept up to date with the latest developments? Then Root3 offers the Health Check.

For that extra bit of security

Your Apple environment in good hands.

With the Health Check we offer advice and ensure the quality and continuity of your business. Does your environment still meet the latest security requirements? Is the condition of your environment still optimal? With a periodic checkup, we scan your entire environment. We compile our findings into a report that you can use to effectively get started yourself.

In addition to that check, we also introduce you to the latest features and developments. That's how we make sure you can get the most out of macOS, iOS, iPadOS and tvOS and continue to add value to your environment. At Root3, we are up to date on the most current developments. We have maximum knowledge, plenty of experience and all possible certificates in house. That way you can be sure your environment is always in good hands.

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Our Health Check consists of:

  • A brief inventory of the pain points you are facing.
  • A periodic check of your environment to ensure quality and continuity.
  • An analysis of your surroundings to get a good idea of your condition. Where necessary, we act immediately.
  • A test of those services offered by Apple that are essential to good management.
  • A scan of the workstations.
  • We inform you about latest features to get the most out of macOS, iOS, iPadOS and tvOS.
  • We share our best practices so you can take your environment and support to the next level.
  • We share the scripts that we develop so that we can make device management easier for you.
  • We offer you an estimated item of remote support hours. As a result, you are entitled to the standard SLA and direct contact with skilled engineers.
  • You can use the Root3 Support App to increase productivity and end-user experience.

Request the Health Check without obligation

Leave your details. We will then contact you as soon as possible to perform a Health Check for your Apple environment.