Innovating. We do it all the time. Not only because technology forces us to do so, but also because we want to continuously offer customers the best solutions. So our eyes and ears are open. And we use the experiences and questions of customers to improve our services even further. Our Automated Patch Management is an example of this. And we also do our own development. For instance, a few years ago, we successfully introduced the macOS Support App.

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Root3 Support App

The Root3 Support app is a macOS menu bar app. Developed entirely by Root3, the app provides customers with easy access to support. We can fully observe your environment and therefore solve any challenges faster.

So with the app we offer convenience, service and speed. In addition, you can show users and service desks diagnostic information at a glance. We also provide shortcuts to quickly reach support channels or applications such as a website, app or file server. And the cool thing is that you can fully brand the app in your corporate identity.

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Automated Patch Management

Root3 Catalog

Even when you use apps that don't come from the Mac App Store, you want to easily install and update to the latest version. With Zero Touch Packaging with Automated Patch Management for macOS, that process is automatic.

The Root3 Catalog can install or update more than 600 macOS apps without packaging the app. You can install the latest apps directly through the software vendor. This ensures that users can work uninterrupted. In addition, your organisation is protected against the latest vulnerabilities. Root3 checks and updates the apps so that Apple Silicon Macs get the correct version. We validate the app before installation or update. Our solution is easy to implement into your MDM solution.