Over the years it can happen that the IT inventory has been lost. A jumble of hardware, software and processes of which you also have to ask yourself that this still fits well with the needs of the organization and the current standards.

Root3's QuickScan provides answers to questions such as:


  • Are you still taking full advantage of the integration with your Apple devices?
  • Which hardware is still viable and what needs to be phased out?
  • What can be improved in the short and long term?


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How does it work?

The QuickScan is intended to examine the entire IT environment and to issue appropriate advice. We make an inventory of hardware, software, the network and processes and put them together in a document together with the advice. After delivery of the QuickScan document, we will discuss it with you and go through the short- and long-term goals together.

After agreement, we will carry out the subsequent work. The duration of the QuickScan depends on the size of your organization, but includes a minimum of 4 hours on-site and 4 hours remote for the elaboration of the document.

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