App Catalog

Always up-to-date and fully automated. The App Catalog checks whether updates are available and installs macOS applications without the intervention of an administrator. In short, maximum productivity for you and your colleagues!

Automated patch management to minimize vulnerability risks.
Comply with organizational policies.
Feature improvements
Provide your end users with access to the latest feature improvements for increasing productivity.
Time saving
No longer the need to package apps for installment. All apps are automatically up-to-date.


Ultimate end user experience, optimal productivity. Because Apple should work the way it is intended to.

In this increasingly rapidly changing IT landscape, time is a luxury. And in the evenly fast changing world of application, patch management takes up a lot of that precious time. Whilst patching has never been more important. The workplace is no longer limited to just one office space. Organizations are more spread than ever before and this leads to bigger risks for your organizational data.

The traditional process of installing and updating apps can be a time consuming and error sensitive thing. Especially for administrators with limited time, focus or knowledge. App Catalog will save you time and will simplify the installment and update process for both managed and unmanaged apps.


1000+ Apps
Zero-touch packaging. The highest amount of available apps.
MDM integration
Integrates with most MDM-solutions (e.g. Jamf, Microsoft, Ivanti, VMware).
Catalog App
Give (standard) users the opportunity to install apps.
Update (un)managed apps
Provides apps with the latest updates through Machine Learning.
Catalog Agent
Flexible command-line interface for installing and updating apps.
Increased accessibility with Voice Control and VoiceOver.


Catalog App

User-friendly macOS app to easily install apps without administrative privileges. Built in Swift and SwiftUI for a native macOS experience. Adaptable to the style of your organization.

Catalog Agent

A flexible command-line utility for administrators to install and update apps.


Inform users so that they are aware of the latest updates.

Customer Portal

Gain real-time insights in installations and updates of your apps with our customer portal.

All features

  • 1000+ macOS apps to install or update
  • Catalog App branding
  • Decide for yourself which apps are available to end users in Catalog App
  • Exclude apps from updates
  • App Integrity control
  • Machine Learning version comparison
  • Daily (automated) updates
  • Update managed and unmanaged apps
  • Customer Portal for more insight
  • Integrate with your MDM solution
  • Update notification for end users
  • Enhanced accessibility using VoiceOver and Voice Control
  • Command line utility
  • Admin mode in Catalog App with detailed app information
  • Logging through Apple Unified Logging
  • Up to date icons
  • TeamViewer QuickSupport Configuration ID integration
  • Add apps to the Dock


An expert from Root3 is available for organizations that want a personal implementation of the App Catalog. The optional implementation costs amount to 490 euros.

1-99 Macs
€ 2,02 per Mac per month*
€ 2.400 per year
100-249 Macs
€ 1,61 per Mac per month*
€ 4.800 per year
250-499 Macs
€ 1,20 per Mac per month*
€ 7.200 per year
500-999 Macs
€ 0,80 per Mac per month*
€ 9.600 per year
1000+ Macs
On request

*Invoiced in advance based on the annual amount of the scale. Educational prices are available on request.

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Works with any MDM solution that supports scripting. More information:

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