Root3 has made the well thought decision to work with certain partners. This is based on our value to quality and reliability. We believe that in joining forces with these partners we can strengthen each other and with that offer you the best service possible.

Since 2013 Root3 has been a member of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN). Within this network we have the highest rating of both our clients and Apple. Our choice for Apple has been based on the end user experience that they have centralized. Not just that, Apple also is a pioneer in securing and protecting your privacy. This combination between Apple and Root3 is strong, because we believe that the focus needs to be on the service, client and end user. Where Apple has her focus on delivering first tier quality hardware. This combination will provide your end users with the ultimate experience.

The ACN offers you the certainty of working with a qualified service provider and with consultants who know Apple hardware and solutions inside out.

macOSiOS iPadOStvOSApple Consultants Network (ACN)Apple Business ManagerApple School Manager

Jamf is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution provider when it comes to security. In the day and age we live this security has become more and more essential. Considering cyber threats are always around the corner. Jamf offers us the option to manage your devices, protect them from threats and provide a safe way to access resources within the company. Root3 has chosen Jamf to be our partner, because they offer tools that help us manage and protect your environment as good as possible. They’re also completely focused on Apple.

Since we were one of Jamf’s first partners (Gold Partner) Root3 has excellent knowledge and experience with Jamf. And due to our long partnership we have built close connections. This results in Root3 being able to offer the best and fastest service to our clients and their end users. We offer Jamf as a Managed Service Provider, meaning that we manage your entire environment: complete relief.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)Gold PartnerManaged Service ProviderJamf ProJamf FundamentalsJamf SchoolJamf ConnectJamf TrustJamf ProtectJamf Private AccessJamf Threat DefenceJamf Data PolicyJamf Reseller

Microsoft works alongside Apple to provide end users with a unique experience and to continuously improve this experience. Root3 comes into play to help you with integrating Microsoft 365 and Apple to make sure your end users get the best experience.

Besides having a secure device you also need a functioning one. In theory Microsoft and Apple are polar opposites, but to the contrary. They actually work quite well together. There are a lot of different solutions, but Microsoft 365 is a market leader and has excellent knowledge. Root3 provides the knowledge on onboarding, offboarding and working secure within Microsoft 365. Consider Microsoft as an extension to the applications already on your Apple devices.

IntegratiesProductivity SuiteMicrosoft 365Exchange OnlineMicrosoft Endpoint Manager (Intune)Azure ADConditional Access

A proactive collaboration and an excellent end user experience. This is what Google and Apple are working on together. Google is a pioneer in making collaborating online possible. Root3 will help you with the integration of Google Workspace in order for your employees to benefit from an internal cloud service, email service, agenda and Google meet. This way they can smoothly and efficiently collaborate online. Within Google Workspace Root3 will keep your environment safe when it comes to data breaches and personal information. We will take care of the on- and offboarding of employees. This way new employees will easily set-up and when one leaves you have nothing to worry about.

Google WorkspaceProductivity SuiteGmailGoogle DriveCloud Identity

From endpoint-, cloud- and network protection to complete managed services for cybersecurity. Sophos offers protection against the most current threats. Not just that, Sophos has had her focus on Apple devices from the get go. Even though Apple has a high priority on privacy and security. The general security of your device can always be improved. Simply because it is not Apple’s main priority. They mainly focus on hardware and Sophos focuses on security within your systems, networks and workspaces.

Root3 wants all her clients to be able to work secure and seamless. Just like Apple intended her hardware to work. As one of Sophos’s Gold Partners we provide, integrate and manage Sophos’s different solutions and relieve you entirely with our expertise. We offer Sophos as a Managed Service Provider.

Gold PartnerManaged Service ProviderEndpoint ProtectionSecurityEDRXDRMTDCybersecurity

Superior quality, a wide range of possibilities and excellent management. This is why a lot of organizations go for Cisco Meraki when it comes to network solutions. Cisco Meraki is a market leader in cloud based WiFi, routing and security. Apple knows these differentiating features and is collaborating with Cisco Meraki to make sure networks work seamlessly on Apple devices.

CiscoMeraki GoMerakiWirelessSwitchingSecurity and SD-WANManaged Services

Kandji is building the future of Apple Enterprise Management. The use of Apple devices in enterprises is growing rapidly. There is an increasing need for a modern Apple MDM solution that was suitable for growing companies and increasing legal requirements.

Kandji is an intuitive and easy-to-use MDM solution that helps companies manage and secure their Apple devices. With Kandji, administrators and organizations do not need to have in-depth knowledge of the Apple platforms.

Device ManagementEndpoint Detection & ResponseDevice Harmony

With Ivanti you can keep your own hybrid environment (excisting of platforms) safe. They offer software to manage and secure your environment. Or let it be managed and secured. Especially that security is very important now cybercriminals are getting more inventive in finding ways to enter your environment.

As a partner Root3 has excellent knowledge and experience with Ivanti. Root3 chosen Ivanti as a partner because they are pioneers in securing a safe IT environment when it comes to hybrid workplaces. Both Root3 and Ivanti value innovation a lot. And because we both are up-to date on the latest developments and trends this makes an excellent collaboration.

Mobile Device ManagementIvanti Neurons Unified Endpoint Management

It may be difficult to manage and distribute different fonts and assets in and from your cloud. Extensis is meant to streamline the connection between end users and these fonts and assets. This will prevent your end users from endlessly searching for them and get started easily. Extensis is superior in managing and distributing fonts and assets. And it works seamlessly with both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Root3 has chosen Extensis for a partnership, because it seamlessly affiliates with our productivity suits.

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