Premium Services

If you have the technical knowledge but not enough capacity in terms of Apple, then our Premium Services are the answer. Our Premium Services are in addition to the support we offer you by default. You choose which level of support best suits your needs and your budget.

Always safe and up-to-date

With Premium Services, our team of experts provides the necessary periodic management.

This is how we ensure the quality and continuity of your environment. We also provide software updates so you always use the latest features and benefit from the latest security updates.

But we also share best practices that we have developed based on our years of experience with customers in a variety of industries. This helps you make Apple successful in your organisation and keep it that way. Of course, we also inform you about the latest features and developments.

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Our Premium Services consist of:

  • A periodic check of your environment to ensure quality and continuity.
  • We create a roadmap and organise tasks.
  • We increase the condition of the environment by analysing logs.
  • We provide you with access to the Root3 Catalog that allows you to install the latest version of an app very easily. Additionally, we automatically update applications to the latest version detected on the system.
  • We verify and renew certificates and tokens such as APNS, Device Enrollment and Volume Purchasing.
  • We update software to the latest version so you can use new features and (security) issues are resolved.
  • We inform you about the latest features to get the most out of macOS, iOS, iPadOS and tvOS.
  • We share our best practices to take the environment and support to the next level.
  • We share the scripts that we develop so that we can make device management easier.
  • We offer you an estimated item of remote support hours. As a result, you are entitled to the standard SLA and you are in direct contact with skilled engineers.
  • You can use the Root3 Support App to increase productivity and end-user experience.

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