“Root3 provides maintenance, support, consultancy, and training services to companies working with the Apple platform on a daily basis.

Over the years, we have seen an increasing number of companies partially or fully transitioning to Apple. The adoption of “Choose Your Own Device” (CYOD) is also becoming more common, allowing employees to choose the device they work on. The goal is to increase productivity and employee engagement. Due to these developments, Apple devices are being chosen more frequently in environments that only have support for Windows.

We are well aware of the many benefits that using Mac in a business environment can offer, as do many users. However, the actual economic advantages are often unknown to many, and the opposite is often claimed. That’s why Apple commissioned market research firm Forrester to study the economic impact of using Mac in business environments. Forrester interviewed seven companies experienced in implementing Mac in their organizations to reach their conclusions. These companies primarily used Windows computers in the past. The biggest challenge for these companies was the time-consuming setup and installation of PCs, and the fact that many people used Macs without IT department support. The number of Macs grew, but there was no policy or support from the IT department for these devices. The companies hoped to improve the reliability and performance of their hardware with the implementation of Macs.

“Mac is more expensive than PC.” Is this actually true?

The interviewed organizations decided to let employees choose their own devices, leading to widespread implementation of Macs in the company. Forrester’s research clearly showed that implementing Macs brought significant benefits.

When considering three years of support and operational costs, Mac costs less per device than comparable PCs. For the interviewed companies, switching to Mac resulted in lower support costs and energy costs. This is primarily due to three major factors: less time is needed to set up Macs, fewer service tickets are opened by Mac users, and the tickets that are opened are easier for IT specialists to resolve. Additionally, Macs require less energy to operate than PCs. These advantages allow for a larger number of Macs to be managed per full-time equivalent (FTE) compared to PCs.

Despite the higher upfront costs of Macs, they cost less than comparable PCs when considering hardware and software costs. Macs also have a higher residual value than PCs, and there is no need to purchase an operating system license. Forrester’s research suggests a reduced risk of data breaches. The interviewed companies noted that Macs have a fundamentally more secure architecture than PCs, resulting in a reduced risk of security incidents.

The use of Macs showed improved performance among employees, and even sales figures increased according to the research. This was attributed to improved computer performance, reduced frustration with technology, and increased employee engagement. These factors led to increased efforts, performance, and employee retention.

In summary, with the implementation of Mac, companies can potentially reduce IT support costs, increase productivity and employee engagement, all in a more secure work environment. The conclusion we can draw is that the claim “Mac is more expensive than PCs” is not true when it comes to business use.

What can Root3 offer your organization?

Root3 has over 10 years of experience with Apple in (large) business environments. We have professional and certified specialists who provide our customers with expertise without them having to acquire it in-house. Our focus is on providing users with the quality and continuity they are accustomed to with Apple while giving the IT department the tools to manage these devices. For companies not yet using Apple devices, we provide advice on purchase and implementation. We provide training to employees on the (business) use of the devices, and if there is no service desk in your company, we are happy to support users with support queries.

Mobile Device Management

In addition to Consultancy and Support, Root3 also offers Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. These solutions are designed to automate the management of Apple devices. MDM simplifies the device deployment process, reducing the time required for onboarding and enabling implementation without IT department intervention. Apps can be easily purchased in bulk with MDM and automatically installed. Apps can also be made available through a convenient Self-Service tool, allowing users to install apps independently without assistance from the IT department.

Curious about the possibilities of Mac and how we can assist your company? We would be happy to schedule a meeting. You can send an email to [email protected] or call +31 85 400 30 30.

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