Apple Managed Services

Don't want to worry about a thing, but want to benefit from an optimised Apple platform, maximum support and increased employee productivity? Then choose our Apple Managed Services.

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From consulting and implementation to full support and project management. We take everything off your hands, give you clear insight into what we are doing and continuously share progress and results.

To get started effectively, we begin with a kick-off with the customer team. That team always consists of an account manager, consultant and an engineer. We'll discuss focus areas, set goals, share best practices, introduce our approach and tell you what you can expect from us.

With our Apple Managed Services, we offer an umbrella of different services: Apple Managed Workplace, Productivity Suite and Managed Networking. Security, user experience and productivity are central to all of these services.

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Apple Managed Workplace

The term Apple Managed Workplace actually indicates what we do. We manage that workplace. Fully. That starts at the very beginning. Because we understand that your employees need to be up and running as soon as possible.

We ensure that employees can get started with a few simple steps. Zero touch deployment. Zero touch deployment dus. We then work effectively to achieve your goals. Of course, we provide the necessary updates and offer maximum support for the workplace and the environment.

For us, that's always the top priority. But we do more than that. We implement innovations to make the platform even better, smarter or more enjoyable. We make sure you can use the latest features. And we are constantly monitoring.

How are the devices used? In what ways do employees move on the platform? What could be changed or improved? Can you make smarter use of the platform? With our Quarterly Business Review (QBR), we take a helicopter view of your environment every three months. A top-down view, from a distance. We collect the points for improvement and include them in the continuous improvement of your platform.

Root3 has an agile working method and a pragmatic approach. Together, we determine which changes to implement in which sprint. We continuously monitor the progress of this and provide periodic feedback to you.

Our work for the Apple Managed Workplace consists of:

  • A selected team within Root3 will be ready for your organization with the optimal knowledge and experience. Our aim is to give the organization the feeling that you have a new, internal, IT employee.
  • We first get acquainted and together we determine the starting point in a first kick-off meeting.
  • We fully manage all workplaces and the existing environments continuously.
    We make a schedule to give it regular attention. This happens both off-site and on-site. This planning is adapted to the organization and its size.
  • We are always stand by with our remote support team to support all end users of the IT team within your organization.
    We develop tooling/scripts and have best practices to ensure, among other things, that patch management is fully performed and your systems remain up-to-date.
  • We ensure that your environment is assured of the latest security updates. We take fully responsibility.
  • Because we think reliability is important, we provide regular reporting and an overview of the work we’ve done for you.
  • We take on the task of including the organization optimally in our experience and all innovations that comes with it. We track key points of points of interest that are important for your Apple environment.
    For this we provide a clear overview with goals “Roadmap” and share what has been achieved in periods.
  • We ensure that the team is optimal for your work as specialists. By taking good care of them and offering them proper attention.

Productivity Suite

Your Productivity Suite should work optimally and always be up-to-date and secure. And ideally, you don't want to have to worry about it either. We take all the work off your hands. We ensure that your environment works optimally and we follow the changes made by, for example, Microsoft and Google. We assess the impact it will have on you and agree together on how to respond. This way, we avoid any problems or unpleasant surprises.

Our work for the Productivity Suite consists of:

  • We on-board and off-board users and contacts
  • We manage your entire e-mail environment.
  • We continuously manage and optimise your existing environment.
  • We set up collaboration platforms such as Teams, Sharepoint and Drive optimally and ensure that these environments continue to work optimally.
  • We provide further integration with SSO and Provisioning.
  • We follow up on important areas for improvement or focus areas from parties such as Google and Microsoft that are important to your environment.
  • We make sure your environment is assured of the latest security updates.

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