Our Expertises

What we do, we do with excellents. And with full conviction.

Our expertises

Pioneers in security ánd functionality

We are pioneers in developments and delve into the subject matter in detail. This ensures that we offer you the best services. But we don't stop there. Because we are specialized in certain services and are at the forefront of developments, we always apply the latest techniques. When it comes to safety and functionality.

Mobile Device Management

Data is incredibly important for your organization, but at the same time it is vulnerable. And a loss of data could potentially have big consequences. With Mobile Device Management (MDM) we can help you protect and manage your Macs, Iphones, Ipads and Apple TV’s. MDM will update both software and device settings. It will perform check-ups on compliance to company policies. And lastly it can wipe or lock devices remotely.

We work with different vendors such as Jamf, Microsoft, Ivanti (Mobilelron) and Kandji. We know what these vendors' strong suits are and we are aware of your challenges and needs. This way we can help you get the right MDM-solution. Besides that we know all the possibilities with MDM and Apple which makes it possible for us to better assist you in getting a fast and smooth start.

Mobile Threat Defense

The new daily standard has become fighting threats on mobile devices. This makes it essential to protect your iOS and Android devices against these threats and attacks. With our Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solutions we can help you out with this challenge. We start with a scan of the specific needs of your organization. This will be followed by us using the right MTD-products to protect your devices, networks and applications from these threats.

Endpoint Protection

Hardware, software and services are all integrated on macOS-platforms. With this Apple offers you a solid foundation to protect your devices. This comes from Apple’s high value to secure and end user friendly devices. But your Macs could use some more protection against current day cyber attacks, considering these are becoming more and more inventive.

Endpoint Protection is one of our expertises. Meaning we know what is necessary to protect your Macs. We have gathered a lot of knowledge and experience on the topic. Not just that, we also are up to date with latest developments and trends. This way we can connect your needs to the right solution and keep your Macs safe.

Professional Services

Apple doesn’t stop moving forward and neither do their devices. You have to follow these changes in order to have safe devices to work on. We understand this may be a difficult task when it is not your core business. With our Professional Services a team of our recognized specialists will provide you with the latest standards and updates. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out with Apple or have been doing it for years. We will provide you with all the support that you need. Our Consultants, Engineers and support staff are staying up to date on the latest technologies and developments. We always base ourselves on multiple sources.

Platform integration

Obviously you would like to get the most out of Apple and its devices. And offer your employees the ultimate end user experience. But in order to have Apple work like Apple intended it to, the existing infrastructure and systems have to be optimally integrated. We provide you with this optimal integration with amongst others; Apple School of Business Manager, Microsoft Azure AD, Managed Apple ID’s, Single Sign-On and Microsoft Intune.

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