At Root3 we think Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) is important. We understand that devices should not only be functional, but also provide an optimal user experience and be secure to enable maximum productivity.

We strive to help companies implement DLM that improves the efficiency and safety of their devices, creating a productive and user-friendly work environment.

In this blog we tell you about DLM, the use of Apple in the business market and how Root3 services contribute to effective device management.

Device Lifecycle Management

Effective device management is essential for businesses to ensure efficiency and security of devices throughout their lifecycle. But how can companies best approach this?

DLM refers to the process of managing devices (including smartphones and laptops). From the time of purchase to the time of depreciation or replacement. The DLM process consists of several stages including procurement, deployment, maintenance and disposal. But how exactly does this work?

It purchasing process includes selecting the right device, negotiating prices, and making the purchase. Which Apple devices, such as the MacBook, iMac, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV suit your organization best?

After finding the perfect Apple devices, the next stage comes: implementation. Deployment consists of configuring the device through Mobile Device Management (MDM) before deploying it. This includes installing the software. The policies and security measures also fall under implementation.

Maintenance consists of monitoring the performance of the device to updating software and repairing or replacing hardware if necessary. And at the end removing, securely erasing data from the device, and disposing of it in an environmentally sound manner.

Effective DLM ensures that devices can be used efficiently and effectively throughout their useful life. It also ensures that sensitive data is properly secured and disposed of.

Root3 helps in effective device management

To simplify the purchasing process, the business online Apple Store can be used. This has the advantage that the devices directly in Apple Business Manager end up. This makes the next step in the process even easier: implementation. Completely with the services of Root3! With an MDM solution in combination with Apple Business Manager, Automated Device Enrollment can be applied. This allows IT to configure and install the devices without having to physically touch them.

How can you ensure that your Apple devices perform optimally and are always up to date? An MDM solution provides an automated and Over the Air (OTA) way of maintaining devices. For example, software updates can be automatically pushed out to devices, as can installing apps and updating them through the App Catalog van Root3. In addition, it can be monitored whether the device complies with thesecurity policy of the organization. It is also possible to intervene when necessary, without having to touch the device.

Even in the last phase of the process, Apple in combination with the services of Root3 is a good choice. Devices can be securely wiped when they are written off. It is even possible to block, trace and delete a computer in case of theft. In addition, various studies show that the ‘Cost of Ownership’ of Apple devices is often lower than expected compared to other brands. For example, because of the high residual value and lower costs for support. We wrote an article about this before: De voordelen van Mac in het bedrijfsleven volgens Forrester

Are you curious how we can help your organization with effective device management? Then schedule a meeting with us! We are happy to tell you more about all the possibilities and why Root3 will be a good partner.