We from Root3 talk to people on a daily basis who use macBooks at or for work. Some of them have been doing this for years and others are relatively new to Apple as a work device. Often we can offer them assistance with clever or helpful tips when it comes to using their devices more efficiently.

This blog is intended to pay mind to these tips. macOS is filled with helpful tools to work as productively as possible. So specifically this blog is a summary of these tools. Give your productivity a boost while using these tools.

Locate everything with Spotlight

It doesn’t matter where something is located on your Mac, with Spotlight you will find it. There are two ways to access Spotlight. The first one is clicking on the lens at the top right corner of your screen and just start searching. But the second one is probably the fastest. Which is using a keyboard combination: Command (or Cmd) ⌘+spacebar. This tool will help you locate emails, documents or even start an application by simply typing its name. Fun fact, did you know that you could even have it do your math for you? For example, type (3*45)-18 and it will tell you the answer straight away.

Navigating with Launchpad

Inspired by the iPad, macOS also features Launchpad. The brightly colored icon in your dock will get you there. You will immediately get an overview of all the applications on your Mac and when you start typing it will automatically start searching. To keep it organized you can make different folders to have similar applications all binded together. Do you want this even faster? Use F4 or squeeze four fingers together on the trackpad.

Previews with Quick Look

With Quick Look you have ‘quick’ access to files, screenshots and photos. With only one click and pressing the spacebar you will see a preview of the file. Did you know you don’t even have to open the file to make notes in that file? If you simply click on the pen icon you immediately get a pen or a marker. You can use those to make notes or even sign your autograph onto a document. For example if you use Quick Look on an email you can sign and send that contract.

Keyboard combinations

Copying, pasting and cutting through shortcuts on your keyboard, you probably already do that on a daily basis. But there is more to these keyboard shortcuts. For example, there are different ways to make a screenshot, navigate through large pieces of text and easily locate and open files and apps through Finder. There are way too many to mention, but luckily for us Apple made a summary:


This application makes it easy and accessible to automate certain activities. One shortcut is made out of tasks, for example uploading a picture or getting information from an app. These tasks in a certain order make a shortcut with the information given, like sending out an email, making a new file or notify you of upcoming events. This sounds scary, but you don’t have to start from scratch. There is a gallery filled with useful and fun examples. In the previous paragraphs you have read how to get to Shortcuts fastest (Spotlight or Launchpad).

Formatting and sorting Notes.

The Notes app on your Mac is pretty extensive. The menu at the top of your screen lets you work with headings, subheadings and checklists. If you use the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad you can also add drawings. If your devices are synced you should be able to then see that drawing appear on your macBook as well. Another pretty dainty feature is using #hashtags. For example you are making all different kind of notes on the blog you are writing use #blog. This hashtag will appear on the left side of the screen and will sort all notes on the blog together. You can do this with all sorts of different hashtags.

This is the first part of our blog on tips and tricks with your macBook. The second part will be about tips and tricks featuring apps made by others than Apple. To be able to lift your productivity to an even higher level!